Conflict Free Diamonds


Are you familiar with the term “blood diamond” or know what a “conflict free” diamond is?

People purchase and wear diamonds all the time without understanding where the diamonds originated. Every day, the Primestylereviews site receives many pictures of newly purchased diamond jewelry and their proud, happy owners. However, most would be shocked and probably angry if they unknowingly purchased a “blood diamond”.

In the event you are not aware, a“blood diamond”, besides being a 2006 movie with the same title, is defined as a diamond mined in a war zone (primarily in some African countries) and sold to finance a violent rebellion, conflict and various diamond companies.

In 2007, Primestyle wrote an informative, detailed news article titled, “Wars That Have Been Fought Over Diamonds”. According to this article, there have also been a number of human rights violations such as beatings and other harsh punishments given to the workers.Millions of people have lost their loves over this precious jewel that often represents love and commitment.

There have been many measures in place to stop or help prevent the mining of “blood diamonds”.Some of these groups have been government and non-government organizations that were created to control the export and import of blood diamonds. Also, in 2003, the Clean Diamond Trade Act was signed into law and this is helping to promote legitimate trade. In 2011, U.S. Department of State provided a list of countries who are participating under the Clean Diamond Act of 2003.

While there are several debates about whether these measures have been successful or not, one of the best things a consumer can do is educate themselves and make wise decisions when purchasing a diamond.

So how does one know whether or not they are buying a “blood diamond”? For starters, choose a jeweler you can trust and who will openly discuss their “blood diamond” policies. One such trusted diamond jewelry source is Primestyle. Secondly, read the reviews of the company. Uniquely, Primestyle reviewsare filled with actual customer pictures and testimonials.

An educated shopper must also do their due diligence and learn everything they can possibly know when it came to diamonds.By doing research, you will easily discover that Primestyle is a registered jeweler of, which is a private organization that was created to ensure that no one is harmed due to the mining and manufacturing of these beautiful gemstones.

Not only are they are registered with this organization, but it is clearly stated on our website that they “specialize in conflict free discount diamond jewelry”.Also, read many of the Primestyle reviews and testimonials to see what other consumers are saying about Primestyle and our jewelry. The Primestyle reviewsis a trust worthy source of information and show that we take pride in the quality of our diamonds.

Another thing a savvy consumer can do is educate others. Not everyone is aware of what a blood diamond is and the more people are aware, the more we can help prevent the importation of these diamonds.