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About Primestyle Reviews

Primestyle reviews are the most important part of our business philosophy. This company strives to satisfy our customers and if we don’t receive feedback from our customers, how do we know if we are keeping our promises?

More importantly, how do future customers know if Primestyle truly puts the customer first? There are more Primestyle reviews and testimonies published on our core site, however, we wanted to create a dedicated site so reviews and other information is easy to find.

We invite you to explore the Primestyle reviews site so you can read about our customers’ experiences.  We believe the feedback will convince you that you are purchasing from a highly rated company with an excellent reputation for quality, low-priced jewelry.

We are not only in the business of making quality, affordable jewelry with the finest gemstones, but also in forming lasting relationships with our customers.

If you happen to prefer to speak to someone immediately, we are happy to assist you! Our toll free number is 1-888.532.9440.

About PrimeStyle – Your Direct Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer is your direct diamond jewelry manufacturer and we have been in business since 2001 and we are located in the heart of New York’s diamond district.  Our staff is knowledge and passionate about our products and company.

We offer direct factory prices, a 30 day money back guarantee, free shipping and prices that are 50% to 78% off of retail prices.

As far as credibility, since December 2013, Primestyle has been a BBB accredited business and currently holds a rating of “A”.

Why Are Prices so Low?

If you have read Primestyle reviews, you may have noticed that customers are often surprised that the quality of their jewelry is often better than described on our website and are pleased that Primestyle really delivered such a quality piece of jewelry at a low price!

Most do not understand how we are able to sell higher quality jewelry than our competitors, provide excellent customer service and keep our prices low.

It’s fairly simple. The two major reasons are:

On-Line Only

We only sell our jewelry on-line so you are not paying for the overhead associated with the traditional brick and mortar establishments (street side businesses).

The next time you visit a jewelry store look around and consider the costs in operation. Costs such as wages for the sales people and other employees, the display cases, insurance and security of the inventory of jewelry on-site.

Besides not having to pay for the insurance and security of the inventory on-site, Primestyle does not need to fill these stories with “pre-made” jewelry.

We make our jewelry “on-demand”.

No Middle Man (or woman) As Part of the Buying Process

Think about the last time you bought a car or other major purchase. Was there a sales person involved? Did you have a particular budget in mind but left paying more than what you anticipated?

Careful budget planning usually takes place before a major purchase only to be “destroyed” once a sales person shows you something out of your price range – that is glitzier or shinier, more features etc. than what you are originally wanted. Sometimes the pressure convinces you to purchase something you don’t even need or wanted in the first place.

Why the pressure? Commission. Sales people learn all types of techniques to pressure buyers so that they can earn the highest commission possible and the highest revenue for their company.

Primestyle does not have high pressuring sales people as we removed the middle person from the buying process. We do not have to pay their wages or the commission.

Our shoppers know their budget and their desires. We respect and honor this and they can spend hours on our website with no pressure.

No middle people and with only maintaining an on-line presence, we are able to keep our operating costs very low.

Those savings are passed onto our customers making our company very competitive against others selling diamond jewelry.

Primestyle’s Strong Social Media Presence

Our social media presence is also very strong. While we have our own Primestyles reviews website and we share on our main site, we also want to ensure that people are able to read reviews from different audiences.

Our Facebook page  is constantly updated and also shows actual pictures of jewelry so you can view pieces in natural lighting.

It also displays people’s comments about the jewelry and other posts. You can also find us on Pinterest, Polyvore and Twitter.

The site also had a blog section and a news section. We strive to provide you the most up-to-date, interesting information regarding all aspects of diamond jewelry.

Jewelry Education is Important

We also believe that educating people is important and this goes beyond just sharing our Primestyle reviews.

After all, you are not just purchasing a piece of jewelry, but quite possibly an investment. We want our customers and future customers to make strong, confident decisions about their purchasing.  Unless you are a diamond expert, most people are not going to understand what cut, color and clarity mean when they review the grade of a diamond. Most understand carat weight!

The bigger the carat weight the better? Not necessarily. A larger carat size does not mean better quality.

This is often how jewelry sales people are able to convince uneducated customers to spend more money than they wish. Knowledge is power and that knowledge can also protect wasteful spending of your money.

Also, there are various shapes to consider, settings, gold…many ways to customize your ring. Ring size is also very important and sometimes cannot be easily changed.  But how do you determine ring size? We have taken the guesswork out of determining ring size. Click here for more information.  We also give you tips on how to determine her ring size without her knowing!

We don’t want the buying or educational process to be overwhelming so there is a section of the site dedicated to education. In addition to educating yourself by reading Primestyle reviews, we encourage you to read our educational information on our website.

Our customer service department is always happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Our toll free number is 1-888.532.9440.

Additional contact information can be found here.

Primestyle’s Jewelry

The styles of jewelry Primestyle offers range from rings, earrings, bracelets, diamonds, and pendants. Our range in various shapes, setting styles, diamond cuts, metals and custom rings cater to the various preferences and personal tastes of our consumers who shop with us from all over the world. Modern, classic, vintage style or even art deco, there are enough styles to suit any taste or occasion and a selection that can fit any budget.

Our diamonds are 100% real, natural and come with a diamond guarantee. Primestyle also offers a price guarantee.

Also, if you cannot find the perfect engagement ring, we do have the ability to create your custom dream ring.  The process is easy and can be complete in only three steps!

Send us a reference, sketch or photo of your dream ring. A representative will contact you within 48 hours.

Then we send you designs for your review and approval, and the final step is that you receive your ring!

The entire process is described on our site here with step by step instructions.

In addition, all of our diamond jewelry purchases are offered with free shipping, a lifetime warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Google Reviews and Primestyle

primestyle reviews google rating

We currently have a 4.9 out of 5 star google rating. Yes, we proudly display this on our website as it is truly something to brag about!

Google ratings are very important as Google reaches most people. Google takes about 90% of the search market so any one searching for diamond jewelry will see the website appear quickly.

Of course, we want to appear on Google in a positive way. And then good news is that we do!

Here is just a snippet of a few of those Primestyle reviews from Google:

“PrimeStyle really delivered. My wife absolutely loved the wedding set we bought. She loved the quality and I loved the value….”

“PrimeStyle’s customer service was excellent.”

“As far as credibility, since December 2013, Primestyle has been a BBB accredited business and currently holds a rating of “A”. “


You can read the full Primestyle reviews plus more, here.

Of course, like any company who has been in the business for over 15 years, some reviews of Primestyle are not always going to be 100% positive.

However, those bad reviews are few and far between and any time a customer has an issue, Primestyle makes every attempt to ensure the customer is completely satisfied.


Primestyle Reviews – Primestyle’s Jewelry.

Comparison of Primestyle and Zales

Most want to see for themselves that when a company offers a low price guarantee that they are truly living up to their promise.

Usually, one of the first thing a consumer usually does is decide on which ring they would like, then search the internet and competitors to see if they can find the same ring for a lower price elsewhere.

We are did the detective work for you.

We decided to do a comparison of Primestyle 1.25 carat diamond engagement ring versus another ring of the same quality and diamond size from a well-known jewelry company, Zales.



1.25 Carat Round Cut Diamonds Solitaire Ring in 14 kt White Gold

1.25 Carat Round Cut Diamonds Solitaire Ring in 14 kt White Gold

Primestyle offers a 1.25CT round cut diamonds solitaire ring for $3541.99. We also offer a payment plan of $590.33 for 6 months.


Diamond cut: Round

Diamond color: I-J

Diamond clarity: VS2-SI1 clarity

Metal: 14 kt White Gold




1.25 carat Diamond Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring in 14 kt White Gold

1.25 carat Diamond Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring in 14 kt White Gold

From their superior collection, Zales offers a “1-1/4 CT. Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold” ring for $6999.99. They do not offer a payment plan, at least we were not able to determine this through their website.

Their price of $6999.99 is $3548.00 more dollars than the Primestyle ring.

Not only is their price higher, but the clarity of this diamond isn’t as good as the Primestyle diamond.

Also, stated on their website is a disclaimer about the diamond weight:

“Diamond carat weights (CT.) represent the approximate total weight (T.W.) of all diamonds in each setting and may vary no more than .07 below the stated weight. Typographic errors are subject to correction. Merchandise enlarged to show detail and may not always be exactly as pictured. Promotions, prices, styles and availability may vary by store and online.”



Diamond cut: Round

Diamond color: I-J

Diamond clarity: I-1

Metal: 14 kt White Gold

The most important detail to notice between these two rings, besides the price, is the diamond clarity (how clean a diamond is from flaws).

The Primestyle diamond will be a range of VS2 to SI1 in clarity, while the Zales diamond for this particular ring is an I-J.

To help you better understand the difference, we have summarized the description of these grades.

VS2 clarity = small flaws that may be seen under 10x magnification. Without the magnification, these flaws are mostly invisible.

SI1 clarity = flaws can be seen under 10x magnification. Without the magnification, flaws can be visible.

I-J clarity = Inclusions are noticeable with the naked eye. *Although there is a difference between good and bad inclusions.

As you can see, the diamond quality of the Primestyle diamond is of better quality than the Zales diamond AND the price is lower.

But Why Primestyle?

Primestyle wants those who are shopping for quality diamond jewelry to trust us.

Many people may still be extra cautious when it comes to making purchases over the internet, especially when it comes to buying diamond jewelry.

And there is extra stress and pressure when one searching for a diamond engagement ring or any piece of diamond jewelry!

After all, you are about to purchase probably the most important piece of jewelry of your life.

A diamond ring that symbolizes a lifetime commitment and will be worn virtually every day by the wearer. A diamond engagement ring that will potentially be passed onto the next generation.

We understand that you are going to be cautious and that you are going to compare our jewelry with other sites and sometimes our Primestyle reviews will be the ultimate reason why you decide or decide not to do business with us.

Everyone should be cautious when making such an important purchase, however one advantage of purchasing over the internet is that you can also search ratings and read what other customers are saying about the company.

There are multiple ratings sites, in addition to Google and our own, and we invite you to search for your favorite one and read the reviews yourself.

In addition to excellent ratings, here is some more information about Primestyle.

Primestyle’s factory was established in 2001 so this means that our have been in business for quite a while. We offer local and international shipping.

One of our unique services we offer is a layaway plan.

If you pay for 20% of the item price and the balance within three months, your jewelry will be processed and shipped.

When placing the order select “Pay by phone” as your payment method and confirm the order. This will lock your price and make it possible to pay in installments.

You will be prompted after the order is placed with our phone number to call and make your 1st payment and/or a representative will contact you to receive payment.

You may choose the amount and how many installments you would like pay off in your layaway program. We are all about customer satisfaction here. Should you need an extension longer than the time allotted, simply contact us and we will be able to accommodate you.

We allow 3 business days for processing. The time your item is made, certified, sized and appraised. It is then sent for free overnight shipping to our US customers and for free 1-3 day shipping for our INTL. customers

A 15% forfeiture fee will be charged for any layaway that is returned to stock due to cancellation or non-payment,

If you have any further questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us at 888.532.9440.

This is an excellent option for those who want to invest a little more money into their purchase and for those who have a little more time. You can read more about Primestyle by visiting our About Us page.

Another great feature and service is our order tracking system and you only need to know your email address to figure out which phase your order is in. Have you ever tried this with other sites to only to be asked for an order tracking number which means you have to sift through emails to find the right one or log into the site to find the order tracking information?

It’s your jewelry and you should quickly and easily be able to find the status of your item with no hassle.

Primestyle also provides a safe, on-line shopping experience.

Credit card information shared between you and the website is encrypted. We take all precautions to ensure your transaction with us is safe from fraudulent activity. If for any reason, unauthorized charges are made to your account, you will not pay for those charges.

Every transaction you make with Primestyle is 100% safe.

If you would like read more about Primestyle’s on-line security information, click here.

We’ve encouraged you to read our Primestyle reviews.

We have summarized our business and our products.

We hope we were able to provide enough information about our company, our products, our reviews to help educate you to make a confident purchasing decision.

If you still have questions….

How to Contact Primestyle

Of course, another reason to purchase jewelry with Primestyle….

It can be so frustrating when a website doesn’t not provide a simple way to contact our customer service.  You could spend hours viewing different products, FAQs and various sections of a website and still have a question.

You happen to stumble upon their “contact us” link and only find an email form.

In case we it’s not clear, Primestyle really depends on building relationships with our customers.

If you have a question, we want to make it as easy as possible to communicate.

Primestyle provides many ways to contact them. The easiest is the Live Chat option and you can access this feature on any page of our website.

However, there are other options and there are various phone numbers depending on where you are located or through an email form.

Here is a full list of our phone numbers:

US          888.532.9440 | Non Toll Free o212.302.3377


UK          020.3002.7973

DE           001.212.302.3377

CA          416.907.8336

AU          028.003.6793

For a complete list of our phone numbers and ways to contact Primestyle, contact them or visit